Tuesday, 25 May 2010


Mister have being having quite a bit of salad when I was away. He got hooked onto salad and requested them almost very alternate days. To cut down on our carbohydrates, we started having more salad each week and limited ourselves to 3 dinners with rice a week.

I started trying out new fresh greens to spice up our salad. Adding all kinds of beans is another method which I did.

 Prawn and Calamari Salad

1. Marinate some Calamari with Sweet Thai Sauce and Lime.
2. Grilled some fresh Prawn with shell intact and marinated Calamari and set aside.
3. Cooked some sweet peas in boiling water for less than a minute. Drained and set aside.
4. Poached an egg in boiling water for few minutes. Peeled and set aside.
5. Mixed diced tuss tomatoes, cucumber and canned corn with  some olive oil.
6. Placed everything on a bowl/plate and served.

 Another salad which I did was Boiled Sweet Peas and Snow Peas + Diced Cucumber, Carrot, Tomato, Avocado and Apple + Fresh Sprout toss with Macadamia Olive Oil served together with Pan Fried Salmon.

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