Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Comfort food - Mince Chicken with 3 Eggs(salted egg, century egg and egg) Congee

 Congee with You Tiao(chinese donut)

Congee is definitely my comfort food. I love love love congee, a bit of white pepper, drizzle a little sesame oil and I can have 2 HUGE bowl at a time. Though it's my favourite food, it's definitely not for Minster. It's one of the few dishes which he dislike. I even have to force him to have congee when he's sick. But recently he's beginning to accept it and able to finish a reasonable potion by himself. c") 

There's a huge variation in congee: Teochew style, Cantonese style. Different country has their own different way of cooking congee too.

My favourite is cantonese congee. White rice is cooked till it's totally dissolved. Texture of the congee is smooth, like thick liquid. It's not easy to achieve that consistency. Long hours constant stirring standing in front of the stove is required

My trick to shorten the process but still able to achieve that is to
# 1 - Use broken rice
# 2 - Soak the rice as long as possible (Best is overnight)
# 3 - Use my tiger thermal pot!!! It not only save on gas bill, it also save me a lot of time from standing in front of the stove and also chances of burning my congee is zero.

I also like to cook it with chicken stock if available instead of water to make it more flavoursome. I also like to diced up carrot, potatoes and dump everything in while cooking. It makes the congee sweet and I'm having my fibre intake.

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