Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Popiah But Using Rice Paper Roll

I did something different and special for dinner last night. It was popiah but instead of wrapping with the traditional popiah fresh skin, I used rice paper roll. Mainly because I  couldn't find fresh popiah skin in down under. Only available at the oriental supermarket are frozen spring roll skin which I find them too thick unless deep fried.

As filling, I stir-fried some granted turnip and carrot with some light soya sauce, sugar,pepper and dark sauce for seasoning. I also prepared some shredded omelette and bean curd and steamed chicken thighs.

It was my 1st time using rice paper roll. I had ordered Rice Paper Roll numerous times at Vietnamese Restaurant but had never tried wrapping it myself. Oh man, it wasn't easy on my 1st try! Maybe because I wet the rice paper roll in hot boiling water instead of warm water which caused the paper roll to soften up too fast. As a result it stick together as you can see above. But subsequently I got the hang of it very quickly.

To assemble:
1. Spread some sweet dark sauce and homemade chilli paste on the paper roll.
2. Pile on omelette and bean curd, follow by lots of cooked turnip.
3. Topped it with some shredded steamed chicken.
4. Wrap and served.

I lost counted how many popiah we had but both of us enjoyed the meal very much and I will definitely make it again with something different as filling.

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