Saturday, 30 January 2010

Craving = 2 Huge Pineapples sitting on the bench top

Even though I haven't being blogging, I still faithfully reading a lot of food blog every night. I started to have craving for pineapple tarts since last weekend after spotting some Chinese New Year goodies at the oriental supermarket.

It got even worst after spotting a homemade pineapple tart on Jeroxie food blog!!!! I decided to make some pineapple tarts this year!!! I didn't have any last year from memory. Plus there are friends who I can passed some too :).....dun need to finish everything by ourselves. This morning after exercising, I went to nearby vegetable stall and bought 2 huge pineapples. But they are still sitting on the bench top as I'm too tired and whole body aching to move let alone cook into jam which is a long process. Planning to do it tomorrow morning if not my CNY goodies won't make it in time.

Wish me luck in finding the perfect recipe!


penny aka jeroxie said...

Good luck with finding the right recipe. basically, just do it. it will still be home made after all! :)

Wondering Wanderer said...

I love pineapple tarts too!! Wasn't it a few years (haha more than a few) you were doing them in Kensington?

Anyway sign up for the classes, go for it!!

新年快乐, 恭喜发财

cltyw said...

Jeroxie >> Thanks! I didn't really spend much time searching and just went for it. Result wasn't really what I'm expecting but it still taste you say, it's still home made after all!

Z >> a few years??? close to a decade!!!! as for classes, I will but need to wait till I finish commissioning my current proj 1st.....hopefully I can start something by may :)