Wednesday, 6 January 2010


I'm still battling whether should I start taking some short courses. I'm not talking about courses for work but cooking and baking classes. :P I did start searching for such courses more than 2 years ago but a few factor put me off till now.

  • Location - I don't used to drive. Even till now, I'm still confine although I got my driving license and own car. I don't explore areas, places by myself. If I'm going out with CL, he's definitely the driver. I'm hoping I will gain my confidence and start exploring Melbourne myself. 
  • Cost - It's not cheap to take up short courses. A 4 hours cooking course costs almost $300. How much do I have to fork out each year to attend those I'm interested??? This year should be save, save, save! Planning for a long vacation (4 or 5 weeks) in Sept to LaLa Land to see my family and also to attend CL's bro wedding. We are also targeting to at least visit 2 asian country. Sipandan? Maldives? Thailand? Vietnam? Cambodia? OMG!! We have so many places which we would love to travel!
  • Will I gain??? - I guess no can guarantee I will learn something and enjoy the course. If I chose 1 and start with it, will it give me a better idea what the course install???
I'm still thinking, thinking, thinking...hmmmmmmmmm

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