Monday, 13 April 2009


CL requested for Brownie again and I baked them in a heart shape bake tin which I don't know where to slice when served. It's the smallest bake time I have. If I baked them in the square shape tin, the brownie might be too flat like the previous time.

Don't really remember did I used the same recipe as the previous time but it's definitely from the same Nigella cookbook. I did cut down the amount of sugar as I find her recipes a bit too sweet for our tastebuds.

I can't stop myself from licking the spoon and bowl once I placed the tin into the oven. It's delicious just by licking it. The recipe state to bake for XX minutes and to constantly look out for it as brownie tend to over bake very quickly. I ended up extending the baking time even though I only bake 1/3 the amount of the recipe. The middle was pretty gooey when I took them out from the oven. CL was surprised it was so gooey and I was guessing it will harded when it cooled. If not I just have to pop them back into the oven. I thought this time round, the brownie will be a success as it did get hardern as it cool.

BUT I was wrong! When I cutted them up and serve with Vanilla Ice Cream, it was still uncook in the middle. Definitly better than the previous time but still not fully correct. Hmmmm I seriously wonder why.

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