Thursday, 19 February 2009

Pecan Cookies & Brownie

Last week, I was itchy to bake. So I decided to bake some Pecan Cookies with CL loves since I have all the ingredients in the pantry. Thinking it uses Oats and Pecan as the ingredients, surely it's better than baking Chocolate Chips Cookies right? I even replace half of the plain purpose flour with wholemeal flour. Also replace more than half of the required pecan with hazelnut coz I ran out. Hmmm should I still name this as Pecan Cookies?

I actually made the dough the night before and place them in the fridge to harden it. This process will result in a more crunchy cookie instead of soft and chewy.

Dough just taken out from the fridge and really to be slice.

Sliced and ready to be bake.

Instead of half the ingredients, I decided not to this time. I ended up with not only lots of cookies but also house smell delicious! Took some and share among with my colleagues and the whole box of cookies were gone before lunch. Didn't realized so many of them turn up in the office that day, if not I will had bought in more.

This recipe is definitely a keeper as everybody who ate it love it. :)

I also tried baking Brownie. It was requested by CL one evening for dessert with Vanilla Ice Cream which we had in the fridge. Flipped through some of my cookbook and I pick the one in Nigella (How to be a Domestic Goddess). There are still a lot of recipes which I want to try. Just waiting for the opportunity.

I'm guessing I had under baked the brownie. It was still slightly sticky, soggy when I served it. But it was heaven having it warm with cold vanilla ice cream!

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