Thursday, 20 November 2008


I'm blogging in the kitchen! Wonders of wireless modem. I'm actually cooking as well...multitasking. Have a pot of congee on the stove and it's not safe to leave it alone. That's why I'm kinda of stuck till the pot of congee is done to my standard (which btw going to take a pretty long time).

Both of us were cooked since yesterday. He's having blocked nose, coughing and body aching while I started feeling very dizzy and headache....on my birthday! How great is that???

CL had made a reservation at Rockpool weeks ago to celebrate my last 2* birthday (opps....age reveled) but we had to postpone it last minute (just a minute before leaving the house). Seriously doubt we will enjoy the dinner since both of us won't feeling great + it's not going to be a cheap meal. The evening ended really early for both of us.

Wasn't feeling fantastic this morning therefore decided to call in sick and spend the whole morning in bed with CL. That's why I'm cooking congee too. Btw, CL reckon congee is poison! He will never really eat it unless he is sick which is totally opposite of me coz I love congee! I can easily finish a whole pot all by myself! + It's such a great weather to have either a big bowl of soup/congee.

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