Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Evening Entertainment: Nigella

Before the shift, I bought Nigella Feasts DVD which was on discount; cost less than $16 and I immediately grabbed it. It was 1 of the DVD which I have being waiting for special offer. It was a pretty good deal considering there are 2 DVDs in the pack. It has being my dinner companion for the past few dinners with CL working starting night shifts. I shouldn't have any complain when I'm watching a cooking episode while having dinner right? I had finished the whole program.

Noted a few stuff about Nigella.

  • She is always eating!!! Or because she's always eating just for this cooking program?
  • She's kind of messy when she cook which is totally opposite from me. I know the place can be clean up after the therapy (yes, I consider cooking and baking a therapy session) but I just can't stand the kitchen being terribly messy while I'm on the stove.
  • All her recipes are quick, simple and definitely easy. Knew that for quite sometime after trying the recipes from Nigella Express.
  • She loves biting her food (especially chocolate) from the side instead of front main 2 teeth. Her way of protecting her teeth from chipping?
  • Her cooking style is very different from Jamie Oliver, Gordon Ramsay (who I both think are clean in the kitchen). Is that coz both are consider chef and she a cook?
  • She loves cooking peas straight out from the package frozen.

I will definitly find some time and re-watch the whole program again. This time round, with my recipe book and pen to jot the recipes down.

Currently, I'm also hooked on The Chef and The Cook on ABC. Very different style of cooking and mixing all kinds of ingredients. The DVD will be the next item to look out for during my trip to JB-HiFi.

I also added 2 cooking books to my collection. Received a 30% discount voucher from Borders and couldn't resist not using it. Pick up a Jamie Oliver, Jamie's Dinners and also a Singapore/Malaysia cookbook Shiok!

This book has a history behind it. I 1st came upon it a month ago at Borders Toorak. Though it was exactly what I have being hunting, I didn't purchase it because it was damaged. The 2nd time I saw it, it was again damaged!Found out it's because the way it's being binded. The body and cover had become 2 separate pieces. Did a check and found out that was the only one copy available. I was advise by the staff to check at the payout counter whether can they offer a special price. Initally I was only offered 10% discount. I can't decide whether should I continue hunting or just get it. The lady was nice enough in the end offer me 30% discount since I had the voucher for the other book(I'm actually only allow to use the voucher on 1 item). I walked out of Borders happily with 2 books costing me less than $50.


Sarah said...

Hi Liz,

I love Nigella too! Your observations are spot-on. I haven't got Feasts on DVD yet, and I haven't even seen all the episodes! That's good value for the DVD, where did you buy it? I might go pick it up myself too :)

xox Sarah

cltyw said...

Hi Sarah,

Too much Nigella at one shot...hehe. You should get it too since you love her as much as me...I bought it at to keep a look out coz they have very limited stock. :)