Saturday, 29 November 2008

Butter Cut-Out Biscuits

I'm sick again *sigh* and I took bloody long time to recover! Am I really getting old???? Honestly at present, I'm not 100% fully recover yet. I had being eating congee since Wednesday. Started off with very sore throat which is much better today -> fever -> body ache -> slight cough which is getting worst -> a bit of block nose. ARGH!! I did practically nothing except sleep, sleep, follow by more sleep for the past few days except today.

I'm feeling much better + CL got called back to work last minute. Which leave me alone at home with all the free time. I decided to bake. Chose to try Butter Cut-Out Biscuits by Nigella (How to be a Domestic Goddess)

My first time baking cut-out biscuits. I halved the ingredients so that I will not end up with too much biscuits. End result, I love it! It's effortless.

Since X'mas is coming, using X'mas theme shaped cookies cutter wasn't a bad idea. I even tried icing them with white, red and green.

Bicuits before icing

Biscuits after icing (not too bad for my 1st attempt isn't it?)

The icing smell and taste a bit strange. I don't really like it. But I did follow what instructions stated. Just mixing the sicing sugar with not really boiling water. Hmmm Is it because of the brand of icing sugar I use? Anyone able to help me with that???

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