Saturday, 29 November 2008

More Homecook Food

I have being spending a lot more time in the kitchen ever since we moved into the new place. We aren't very familiar with the suburb yet, clueless where to find cheap and nice food after dark, + tight budget. I'm not complaining coz I'm trying out more recipes + finding short cuts in cooking....hehe.

2 weeks ago, I pratically didn't step out of the kitchen. I started the day cooking a huge breakfast which consist of cheesy sausage which we bought from Vic Market the day before + tiny tomatoes + avocado + mushroom + Nigella's style poach egg + a bit of green + bread. Both of us were struggling to finish our breakfast coz I cook too much....haha

Next was Nigella Feasts DVD : Chocolate Chip Muffin. My birthday was coming and instead of bringing a cake on the actual day, I baked some muffin to bring into the office on Mon. CL love it coz there are lots of chocolate chips. Everyone enjoy it which I'm happy about.

For dinner, I took out the cookbook Shiok! and cooked CL's favourite. Fried Prawn Noodle. Although it's my 1st try, I reckon it taste pretty good. CL's enjoyed it alot. I have to think about what else I can add into the stock to increase the taste a bit stronger.

This is another breakfast which I cooked last week. This time round, I reduce the potion so that we won't have to struggle to finish our food. :)

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