Saturday, 27 September 2008

Aya Japanese Restaurant

I was lazy to prepare dinner after work on Wednesday and CL was craving for Japanese food. Therefore we decided to head out for dinner instead but we had no idea where to go. We tried our luck at Shira Nui but were too hungry to wait till 8pm when the table ready. Flipped thru The Entertainment Book we had and decided to try Aya Japanese Restaurant.

Before I start on food, a little introduction on the book, it provides discount on restaurants, hotels, car rental, lesiure, travel, attractions, sport etc. For restaurants, it covers fine and contemporary dining, casual and family dining, informal dining and also takeaway. It cost me $65 but I have definitly earn back what I paid. CL even said we must get it again next year since we love eating so much.

Back to the food. We started with Entrees

CL felt it's a bit oily...don't think the chef actually try to dip as much oil as possible before serving. Towards the end, the paper is soak with oil. This dish actually comes with squid tempura. Think it might me my 1st time finding squid in a tempura dish.

Next we had a main size of Sushi & Sashimi Platter

The serving dish is huge! but it's full of sushi & sashimi. The sushi roll was rolled very tightly which we like. CL was wondering did they pre-prepare the roll and take them out from the fridge as he didn't see the chef making the roll. The rice didn't taste fridge cold except for the ingredient so I guess not. There are a few different varity of sashimi served and the sushi only comes in one while most places serve in 2. Therefore me and CL had a bit of difficulty which 1 to have. Can't expect us to have half each.

Lastly we had Grilled Scotch Fillet (sorry no picture as the camera ran out of battery). CL discover that all their set menus comes with 1 beef steak dish therefore deciding to try. Turn out the sauce is too salty. Lucky we are able to use the mash potatoes to blend the taste.

We end the dinner with dessert at home. Because there isn't anything interesting to try + we still have my homemade green tea ice cream in the freezer.

Think we might go back for sushi and sashimi as it's value for money.

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