Thursday, 10 July 2008

Shira Nui Visit # 2

We had such a fantastic experience on our 1st visit to Shira Nui that we went back in 2 weeks. This time round we bought my parents along.

We kept singing praises on Shira Nui in front of my parents till they can't stand it anymore and wanted to try for themselves. hehe.

Started with some Saka with Daddy. I'm Daddy drinking buddy and Daddy is my drinking buddy. Honestly, I drunk quite a lot during their one month stay. Always with a bottle of wine during chit chatting session with my folks.

As there are 4 of us, we are able to order MORE = try MORE! Beside having the same dishes we had previously, we tried another 4 more dishes.

Salmon Sushi. It's suppose to be 8 pieces of Salmon Sushi. But Daddy can't wait for us to take a shot before helping himself. Therefore there's only 7 pieces in the photo.

Before assembling the dish, the salmon is sliced and lightly seasoned by the chef at the front counter before sparely cooked in the kitchen.

Oyster Sushi. Same for this dish. Daddy can't wait! His chopstick is faster than CL taking a shot! But this time, Daddy managed to retrieve the sushi and place it back for the shot before popping into his mouth.

The oysters are covered with chesse and grilled before assembling. I love it!

Sushi roll. We sort of run out of sushi dishes to order + most of us are feeling full except CL.

We also ordered a Fried Chicken sushi roll but I guess we must have gobbling all into our tummy before even remembering to take a shot.

Mix Tempura (Main) was our last dish.

Towards the end, mummy wasn't eating a lot. She'e leaving some space for dessert. As for dessert, we ordered 2 Japanese Fruit Salad to share.

OMG. It's making my hungry!!!

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