Sunday, 6 July 2008

Homecook Food

I miss mum's cooking and same as CL. So when Mum came, she cook a few of our favourite dish! I did some cooking too especially during our road trip. :)

31-05-2008 Sat

Immediately after landing at Melbourne. 1st stop was to Victoria Market. Bought all the fresh ingredients needed for dinner that night. Menu for the night was homemade Pizza! Mum being telling me Dad starting to crave for Pizza therefore I decided to make him some.

Mushroom & Red Bell Pepper Ham & Pineapple

During our road trip at Great Ocean Road, I cooked
Mushroom Risotto with Roasted Chicken
Mummy and Daddy never had risotto before. I'm happy that they like it. Btw, it's a without cheese version of risotto. Mummy doesn't really like cheese + I'm not at my own kitchen. Just have to use whatever is available to me.

Huge breakfast with toast, bake beans, hotdog, bacon and eggs! Just in case we didn't have time for lunch. I know I's just an excuse. But it's a good one agree?

Chicken Thai Green Curry
OMG this is super spicy! I was so surprise! Lucky I have some wine to wash down with.

While we were at Grampians,
There is a bbq pit which is available for us but it was too damm cold to be outdoor and cooking our food. So we use the stove instead to cook our chicken wings, lamp and steak. Spend the whole night chatting after dinner + drinking the fantastic Sparkling Shiraz we bought at Seppelt. Even CL who doesn't drink felt in love with it! I'm amaze that he is able to hold the liquor on this one.

Big breakfast before climbing The Pinnacle.

Butter Chicken and what else but the Sparkling Shiraz. We even have to drop by the vineyard and grab a few more bottles before making our way back to Melbourne.

Mum's cooking for the 1st week.

p.s click on the photos and link to flickr which tells you what all the dishes are.

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Wondering Wanderer said...

Finally back from your holidays? all good? Hope your car is getting better??