Saturday, 28 June 2008


Mummy and Daddy flew back home this afternoon. Hall look so much bigger again after we convert the bed back into sofa coz we are moving back into our room tonight. It's back to me and hubby again.

Back to routine. Back to work. Both of us are not really looking forward to Mon. But no work = no $. No $ = cannot tour. Hubby already have some places in mind to dive after the Cairns trip. That will motivate him to earn more. Hehe.

For the past month, all 4 of us have being eating a lot! I bet all of us gain at least 3kg each. I manage to jot all the food we ate using the camera. Now wondering what is the best way to about it. I have to be discipline for the next few week and upload all pictures.

Please be patient with me. :P

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