Tuesday, 22 January 2008

Lunar Festival at Victoria Street

The Lunar Festival at Victoria Street fall on 20th Jan,Sun this year. Victoria Street from the junction of Hoddle Street is close till junction of Church Street. We knew about the event as we stay at the corner and planned to have our branch (breakfast cum lunch) at the festival. We attended last year and still remembered what food is available. =p

We woke up pretty early in Sunday but stayed at home sufing the net till 11am. Thought 11am should be a good time. Not to early, guessing most of the stall should have started business.

The entrance of the fair. Notice the dark clouds? Weather wasn't fantastic for a start. It was pretty cold! Both of us only had a sleeveless jacket as an extra. Wrong move in the start. 2nd wrong move was, we are too early! Most of the food stall had just set up their stall. Some just started firing up the BBQ pit and even the wok full of oil. After walking the whole stretch of stalls, we decided to attack the carrot cake. There are a few stalls selling carrot cake but only 1 manage to attract Hubby's attention.

OMG! I was really good! Very crispy which we both love and it has sauce at the bottom. Me guessing soya sauce + fish sauce + vinegar. Even till now, Hubby is still thinking of it.

There wasn't as much choice of food compared to last year. In the end, we had to have our branch at one of the restaurant along Victoria Street. After the meal, we stroll along the fair a few more times as Hubby still want to eat.

In the end, we had fried banana as dessert. Initially I didn't want any so he just bought 1. After his 1st bite, he forces me to give it a try and OMG! Immediate, he push the fried banana to me and bought himself another 1. The banana itself is sweet and even the batter is sweet, maybe they add sugar into the batter. But the batter is also super crispy! But on the other hand, it's very oily! But I guess it can't be help. It's totally impossible to fry food without using oil.

Fried Banana. Hubby tried taking a close shot of the banana but failed.

The 2 ladies selling fried bananas.

Few ladies selling Vietnam style mini pancake. We didn't have them this time round. We did tired it last year and found them taste alright.

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