Thursday, 27 December 2007

Boxing Day

Boxing Day is a day to shop in Melbourne. Myer start trading at 0600 in the morning. David Jones at 0700 and all other major shop at 0800.

Hubby and me were at Melbourne Center before 0800 on Boxing Day. He just knocked off from work at 0730 and suggested to head straight to the city to do our shopping. Planning to finish by noon and head back home for his precious sleep. It wasn't a bad idea for me as long as he is able to take it.

1st stop: Sportcraft at Melbourne Center. We were their 1st customer and Hubby bought a pair of casual pants at $70(one and only one) and me a scarf at $19.

2nd stop: Country Road but it wasn't open yet so went to Myer. At Myer Mens Department, he bought 2 long sleeve shirt from Country Road. Usual price $140 each but selling at $90. We had a further 20% discount because we are Country Road member which also mean the shirt only cost us $67.50 each!

3rd stop: Myer Kitchenware Department. I wanted a good set of knives and was hoping to get a good bargin. I was disappointed because there isn't much knives left. :( But we got a juice Extractor. Hubby loves drinking juice and this has being on our list for at least 6 months. It cost us $160. I tried it out yesterday and it is powerful.

4th stop: Myer Electrical Department. DVD Recorder + Digital Decoder was next on the list. After discount, I still found it too expensive. So was strike off from our list. There isn't any discount offered on ITouch so Hubby didn't mention of getting one.

5th stop: Myer Womans Department. Running low of my facial stuff. Even without discount, I still got to have it. Manage to get a free gift :). Mini facial stuff which is handy when I travel or going to gym.

6th stop: Mens Department again. Hubby needed more underwear. Got a pack of 6 Bonds. Before discount was more than $20 and we paid $18.

7th stop: Country Road at Melbourne Center. I tried on a dress. Before discount cost $250 and now selling at $170. Hubby insisted of me trying them on as he find it nice. I did and size 10 was too big and size 6 was too small. In the end, I save $170.

8th stop: French Connection at Melbourne Center. Hubby did not manage to get any jeans. Most of the sizes were sold out.

9th stop: Adairs at Melbourne Center. We needed an extra set of bedsheet for Summer. After spending more than half an hour deciding, we bought a 1000 tread Sheet Set for $190. I don't used to believe spending so much on bedsheet but an ex-colleague used to tell me he spend a lot on bedsheet. He believed each person spend half of his life on the bed, having a good bed + good bedsheet is very important. After I bought my own 1000 tread bedsheet last year, I discover the different and agreed with him.

Last stop: King of Knives at Melbourne Center. I bought a set of knives. It cost so much that I didn't even dare to mention the price. We save more than $100 after discount. Good bargin? It's something I wanted long ago and told Hubby to get it for me as X'mas present. Prepared dinner yesterday with them and OMG! They were so sharp and cutting has become an easy job for me. I will be taking very good care of them and hope they will last me for ages.

At the end of the shopping spree, we were happy and sad. Happy because we bought a lot of stuff and did save an amount. Sad because we burn a big hole in our pocket.
Hubby says he is going to do his major shopping during mid year sales and Boxing Day sale. But we have to shop on the 1st day it start, if not we won't be able to find the right size especially on clothing. He plan to shop before Boxing Day ,make a list of item with sizes and just grab and go during Boxing Day. That way we won't have to wait for fitting room and waste time shopping around. I was pretty surprise that he is able to think of that....haha


The Gals: said...

WOw lady! you guys really did a big shopping spree!! Country road seems to be your fav. But I heard the outlet in Singapore has closed down due to no demand...
Btw, 1000 tread Sheet Set for $190?!?! THats a good bargain!! Cos the highest thread count I bought is 340. it cost me $80 even after 40%~60% discount!!!
hmm..maybe next time I should ask you to buy bedsheets during sales & send them over..hhahahaa

cltyw said...

yup! oso a big hole in our pocket. country is CL's fav! + we are their members, get pretty good deal during sales period. it close down in singapore? hmmmm
the sheet set came with 1 king size fitted sheet, 1 flat sheet (which we now use as blanket), 2 pillow case.
send to you??? *faint* too heavy!buy and bring back when i go back for vacation still able