Wednesday, 9 January 2008

Oven, Hard At Work

My oven was working very hard during the weekend to help me achieve my wishlist for 2008.

I manage to carry all the ingredients I need from Victoria Garden after gym on Saturday. Main dish for dinner on Saturday night is Brandied-Bacony Chicken. Warm Potato Salad and a simple fresh vegetable salad as the sides.

Both the potato salad and the chicken recipe are from Nigella Express. I manage to wip all the dishes up without any effort.

Warm Potato Salad. Find this dish appetizing, think it is due to the vinegar which is mix with mustard.

Brandied-Bacony Chicken. I bought a free-range chicken to try this recipe. It's my 1st time baking a whole chicken and I manage to cook it just right! Chicken is so juicy and it's not salty. I was pretty afraid the chicken will turn out too salty because of the bacon. Also was wondering what it will taste like because not a single seasoning agent is use.

The Chicken with 2 side dishes.

On Sunday, I started baking CNY cookies. It is actually a trial as I have never bake Melting Moments before and want to give it a try to see how I fare before mass producing them. As Lynn wasn't working, I invited her over to bake with me.

Lynn and Peter came pretty late and I was finishing by the time they arrived. Lynn started to flip through my Nigella Express cookbook and the 1st page she turn was Chocolate Mint Cookies and we decided to bake that next. Lynn and Peter was actually the one who baked them. Lynn even mix up the vanilla extract with the peppermint extract while baking. Instead of having 1 teaspoon of vanilla extract into the mixture, she added 1 teaspoon of peppermint extract. Turn out the cookies are super minty. We all LOVE it! Conclusion, I'm going to change the recipe in Nigella Express. I will continue to add peppermint extract next time I bake this cookies.

Melting Moments and Chocolate Mint Cookies

To shape the Melting Moments, I had to use a piping bag. It was my 1st time piping but I enjoy a lot. It's suppose to look like a flower but I didn't have the correct size head so I had to come up with another design. Nice?


The Gals: said...

your melting moment cookies looks like a pic of a rose...nice!!

Wondering Wanderer said...

bake hard ok!!

cltyw said...

the gals >> haha....that's because I chose those nice ones to take a picture!

wondering wander >> I WILL!