Sunday, 13 January 2008


Done nothing much at all this weekend. I had a training session with Maea(personal trainer) on Saturday morning and I'm in a lot of pain now. Lower body is still recoving from the torture by Maea on Thursday and he started torturing my upper body on Saturday. No Pain = No Gain. Don't think I really have the choice if I want to tone my body.

Invited Lynn and Peter over for dinner. I cooked up a typical chinese dinner. 1 meat, 1 vegetable and 1 soup. Meat : Maple Chicken & Ribs (Nigella Express recipe). Vegetable : Bean Curd with Vegetable. Soup : Egg, Bead Curd and Fishball Soup. I'm very happy that both of them enjoyed the dinner a lot.

Maple Chicken & Ribs ( sorry I didn't mange to take any picture of it)
All 4 of us enjoy this dish a lot. I marinated the meat since yesterday afternoon. All of us reckon that the chicken taste better compare to the ribs. Because the chicken has more meat + the skin is a bit burn and crispy. Another easy dish + delicious.

I also made Tiramisu (recipe again from Nigella Express). I made 2 sizes of Tiramisu. The bigger 1 for hubby to bring to work and share with his colleagues(he is working night shift today) and the smaller 1 between me, lynn and peter after dinner.

I seriously no idea how it will turn out. I found it too sweet when I taste the mascarpone mixture alone when assembling it. Scare that the espresso is too strong etc. But it turn out delicious! The sweetness is just nice. Lynn felt that the alcohol is too strong but Peter find it just nice. It really depends on individual.


I'm really trying a lot of recipe on Nigella Express and I'm loving it! I even stick post it notes on all the recipes I want to try on the book. Told hubby he won't run out of trying new food now. :p


The Gals: said...

looks yummy!
looks like he'll have many new dishes to try & enjoy!!
Chee Lim you are so fortunate...

cltyw said...

thanks....he won't have new dishes to try once i tried all the recipes i wan....haha