Tuesday, 1 January 2008

BULA (Part 6)

Day 5 13-11-2007

We were suppose to do another day dive with the dive operator station at Outrigger. But we cancelled it the day before as I'm too tired and I didn't want to tire myself out. Holiday is suppose to be a rest and relax isn't it?

It was already raining very heavily when we woke up. Can't go to the beach, can't swim at the pool and definitly can't sun tan without sun. So we laze around in the room watching Discovery Channel(can you believe we spend all our spare time in the room watching discovery channel!) and catching up with our beauty sleep. Tried to join the afternoon village tour but was cancelled last minute because of the rain. Don't see the point of going to nearby town as there isn't nothing much we can do at the town. So in the end we decided to pay freaking $30 to update ourselves on national news and also check our emails + blog.

We were so bored by the evening (it's still raining and we can't sleep anymore) that we decided to pay to watch a movie "Transformer" in the room and bought some food to go with it.
Hawaiian pizza. It's really tasty!
Pasta. This taste really nice too!

The dinner was so much better than the dinner we had on the 3rd night.

We made a right decision not to budget on the accommdation or should I say Hubby made a right choice. During this trip, we spend a lot more time at our accommdation compared to other trips. It's because there isn't much activity during the night unlike Phuket which you can visit the local night market. The only place worth visiting at night recommanded by Lonely Planet is Fiji capital Suva. But it is too freaking far away. Travelling back and fro will take me 4 hours + no idea how much on taxi fare. We did ask around the local and all told us the same thing about Suva. What you see in Nadi is what you find in Suva. No point torturing my bum. Agree?

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