Sunday, 2 December 2007

BULA (Part 3)

ARGH! I'm taking freaking long to finish all the entry for the Fiji trip! I must be more active and stop being lazy....hehe

Day 3 11-11-2007

The day for cruise to Mana Island.

We did our research and bought our diving gears to Mana Island as we found out we can do some diving on the Island.

We were being pick up at 0645. Spend more than an hour on the road to Port Denarau located at Nadi. Journey to Mana Island is about an hour. During the journey to Mana, we drop people off at South Sea Island (initial wanted to go there but it was fully book), Bounty Island, Beachcomber Island and finally Mana Island. The last Island for the cruise is Castaway Island but we didn't manage to go there.

Yes, Castaway Island is the island which Tom Hanks shot the movie Cast Away. That is what we thought!!! BUT the actual fact is the actual Castaway Island is where Tom Hanks and his crew stayed while making the movie. The local told us, Tom Hanks booked the whole island during filming for accommdation. The island which was featured in Cast Away movie is an small little island next to the actual Castaway Island. Hubby say LUCKY we didn't opt to go Castaway Island. If not we will be cheated.....hahaha

South Sea Island
Bounty Island
Beachcomber Island
Mana Island

1st task once we reach Mana is to find dive operator and finalise the iterinary. Found Aqua-Trek! We did two dives with them. 1st dive was at South Reef and 2nd dive at North Reef. Both dive spots are less than 10mins speed boat journey away.

Aqua-Trek In Mana Island
My Dive Guide + Skipper
Lunch at Mana. We were so hungry after the 1st dive!!!
Hubby and me after a day diving!!!

Our activities on Mana Island only consist of diving. We didn't have excess time to include other activity.

We both enjoy the dives very much. I even manage to see my turtle! The local told me turtle are very rare in Fiji, can only find them at Mana. :) The visibility is good and the dives are very relaxing. I will let the photos do all the dive talk now.

Lizardfish Yellow Box Puffer Fish

Two different Pipefish

Where has all the Nemo gone??? House of Clownfish (Nemo)

Lastly, Me diving at Mana Island!!!

Both of us are tired + hungry when we got back to Outrigger. Decided to have our dinner at the resort itself. Went to the restaurant next to Ivi and it was serving steak night.

Hubby Steak. It was too well done, too tough. Disappointing :(

Onion Rings. Nothing special.
My Spring Chicken. It's nice but serving a bit too small. Maybe it's because I'm too hungry.

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