Wednesday, 12 December 2007

I Know I Know

I know I know.....I haven't being posting for more than a week. I'm getting lazy.......I admit it's not easy to maintain a blog, constantly have to think of new topic + I still have not subscribe to flickr to enable me to upload photos unlimited! I only manage to upload Fiji Day 4 photos....didn't even mange to upload all the photos I wanted!!! (hubby: hint for you to leave your credit card on the table for me...hehe)

Me and hubby have being going to the gym very frequently. I even spend both my weekends at the gym when he was working for both weekends! I felt bored!!!! Lost especially he being back to work and me alone during the weekend. I got so used to him being around me when I'm not working! Driving me around and gyming together!!

Complained to him so much on Mon that he bought me a present yesterday! Grey's Anatomy Season 3 series!!!!! Yeah!!!!!!!!!!! Thank You Lau Gong :) I wanted it so much but restrain myself from getting it as it's not cheap. I already got Season 1 & 2 and I didn't manage to watch much season 3 episode on the telly. I even wanted to pop one disc into the DVD player and watch at least 1 episode last night but I didn't. Will only do it when I'm lost the next time.

Attending my company X'mas dinner tomorrow. Seriously no idea what will be my working condition on Fri as it always involve lots of beer, wine and liquor. Eizac arriving in Melbourne on Saturday morning. Can't wait to feast with him, Elsie and Stan. Poor hubby can't join in the fun as he is schedule to work night shift on Friday till Sunday.

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