Sunday, 18 November 2007

Chocolate Mint CupCake

It's been a long day for me. Woke up really early!! Even earlier than my usual working day! Am I crazy or what?? -_-

Spend the whole morning on the net. Uploading most of the pictures taken during the Fiji Trip onto Facebook. Honestly, I'm getting hook on Facebook. Love the quick speed of uploading photos! Unlike Friendster, I still have to try sizing the pictures down and slow uploading speed. Althought I will post some photos on blogger, but DO check out my Facebook for all the pictures!!

Me and Hubby just sign up to Fitness First Gym. We seriously need to lose some weight and tone up our body. Got to start somewhere. Hopefully is not going to be just a 3 minute thingy for me. :P

Hmm....must be wondering why a cupcake title without mentioning food. Here it is!

Hot from the oven, Chocolate Mint Cupcake!!!
Baked 12 big and 12 small cupcake to treat my colleagues tomorrow. Coz it's my BIRTHDAY!! Whoever birthday, he/she has to bring in a cake. So I decided to bake instead of buying. The cupcakes are suppose to be decorated with icing but decided to skip that to make it more healthy.

Hmmm.....should I actually take one and taste it to make sure it's edible? Or should I take a gamble and just let my colleagues to be the 1st to taste? 1st time trying this recipe. Guess I should take a gamble as the recipe I tried from this website all turn out to be nice. Did I bake enough cupcakes? Will all of my colleagues turn up in the office tomorrow? Or the cupcakes will be 1st come 1st serve?


The Gals: said...

Happy Birthday!!!
Wow those cup cakes are very well done!!! Didn't CL can the first try??
Ur colleagues will sure to enjoy it!

cltyw said...

hehe. it's my 1st time baking cupcakes! nope he didn't try it till when he fetch me from work just now. Took a small 1 for him to try. They did and lucky the cake turn out nice and more than enough as not all of my colleagues are around. :)

The Gals: said...

yum yum!

cltyw said...

mint favour cupcake is pretty new idea to my colleagues i boss even asked whether is it suppose to taste minty.....he thought I mistaken peppermint essence for vanilla essence....haha