Saturday, 17 November 2007

BULA (Part 1)

I'm back from FIJI! The trip was fantastic! Both of us fell deeply in love with Fiji. People are really friendly and country is really nice. I will try to recall each individual day and jot the activities we had each day. It's going to be a long entry plus pictures.
Day 1 09-11-2007
We only manage to have a couple hours of sleep as we have a 0600 flight to catch to Brisbane. Both of us had no problem waking up :P. Instead of crawling or rolling out of the bed, we jump out of the bed this time J
1st was a 2 hours flight from Melbourne to Brisbane reaching at 0700 (Brisbane is behind Melbourne 1 hour due to daylight saving).

Follow by transit flight to Fiji at 9+. Flight journey to Fiji is more than 3 hours. Finally we arrive in Fiji at 1445. Btw Fiji time is 2 hour ahead of Brisbane.
Weather was really sunny and humid! We manage to adapt to the humidity quite fast.
Journey from the airport to our accommodation, Outrigger Resort for the next 6 days is 1.5hrs!!!
Both of us got so excited when we finally reach Outrigger. Both of us are hungry + it's been a long day for us. After checking out the room, we decided to find some food.
We walk to the Cafe beside Outrigger. It's called Beachside Cafe and we knew about it from the travel books which we have been reading during the preparation for the trip J
Sorry, we were too hungry that we totally forgot to take some pictures of what we ordered. I had Fiji Gold and a Ham & Pineapple Pizza. Hubby had Chicken Curry with rice and roti and a cold coke.

We had a really early night as both of us are really tired and decided to call it a day and start tomorrow early.
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The Gals: said...

I only manage to see day 1 & day about the rest??
by the way, the food looks delicious!! =P

cltyw said...

i will have to do it part by part. please bare with me. me kind of lazy + i have almost finish my given memory for the month on flickr. no idea how i'm going to upload the rest of the pics and continue to blog the rest of the trip.
well some of the foods in Fiji are nice, some aren't

The Gals: said...

oh! didnt know there's a limit for uploading of pics.
I am still new to facebook.

cltyw said...

there is no limit on facebook but on flickr. no idea whether am i able to link the photos from facebook to my blog. i haven't try it out yet.