Thursday, 5 January 2012

New Year Day Dinner : Chicken Rice

Tonight Dinner : Chicken Rice

What did you have on the 1st day on 2012?
I had Chicken Rice which I cooked and made up the recipe according to my knowledge for this dish. I was surprised how the dish turned out. I cooked the rice, poached the chicken and the only store bought condiment was chili sauce. Initially wanted to serve the cucumber achar which I made few weeks ago but I already had sliced some fresh cucumber therefore gave up the idea.

When Cherrie saw the photo I posted on Instagram, she was very keen on trying and asked for the recipe. That triggered me of jotting it down on the blog, why not? I hadn't done it before. I had others asking how I cook particular dish and sharing it with others is good. Agree? So here it is.
Ingredient (for 2 big eaters)

- 2 Maryland
- Spring Onions, I used 3
- Ginger, about 5cm
- Garlic, 2 cloves unpeeled
- Salt, big pinch
- White Rice, 1.5 cup
- Ginger, 3cm diced ( I didn't finely diced them to make it easier for Mr. to remove them if he wants)
- Garlic, 2 cloves finely diced
- Chicken Fat
- Chicken Stock


While cleaning the chicken, remove the big chunks of fats and place it aside. Do not throw it away as it will be used to cook the rice later.

To poached chicken :
Boil a pot of water and add all the meat ingredients except the chicken. Add the chicken only after it start to boil. Turned off the fire after 10mins and leave the chicken in the hot pot. That will keep the chicken warm while rice is cooking.

To cooked rice :
With a non-stick pan on low fire, pan fry the chicken fat. This is to "squeeze" out the fat to become oil. Fat pieces will look dehydrated when all the oil get extracted. Remove the fat pieces and throw them away.
Used the freshly extracted chicken oil and fry ginger and garlic till fragrant. Then add rice and mixed everything together. Continue frying for a few minutes till all oil absored by the rice.
Transfer the rice to the rice cooker and add it chicken stock. Chicken stock used is the water that's used to poached the chicken.

Before serving, mixed some soy sauce together with sesame oil and poured it onto the cooked chicken.

Now I just need to learn how to make my own Chicken Rice Chili Sauce and it will be perfect!

Hope my instruction was clear enough :-)
If there's any way to improve it, let me know!

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