Friday, 2 December 2011

Still Korean if it’s not BBQ??


Z popped into town for a very short trip. Date and time was fixed for a catch up but not the venue. We left the decision to J as he seems to be very adventurous recently, eating round the whole Victoria. City? Suburb? Singapore/Malasysian? Malaymas? Straits Café? Finally Trang was decided after back and fro a few messages on watsapp. Not of us has being to Trang except for J but all are up for a try.

We rocked up earlier than scheduled. Z noticed Trang doesn't have any exhaust fan hanging above their table and commented "Don't think we'll have BBQ". Told Z it's pretty common for Korean restaurant not to provide the fan even though it offers DIY BBQ. Being to 1 very recently along Chinatown and swear never to return again. This particular Korean restaurant used gas stove and hot plate for BBQ instead of coal. In the end, food was cooked soaking in animal fats instead of being dripped/drained off. Us being attacked by the splattered hot oil while dining. Not a very pleasant experience.

I was very glad that I don't have to go thru that here at Trang because they only served cooked food. Looks like they specialised in stews which I'm not really exposed yet. We left the hardest job to J which was deciding what to order. All 5 of us do not have any dietary requirements which definitely made the job a lot easier.

We started off with Korean fish pancake. It was tasty and big chunks of fish can be found. Felt it was slightly oily but without oil, how to make the skin crispy?

Kimchi soup arrived next, how can we not have it when having Korean? It wasn't too spicy with big cubes of tofu, kimchi. Think there's also meat, slices of pork maybe (can't really remember, was too busy chit chatting instead). We ordered another as there wasn't enough to go around.

Beef ribs stew was recommended from the staff. It's a very different stew from the rest as its sweet stew and not spicy. It was very sweet! A bit too sweet for me but the rest enjoyed it. It's a dish which is different, full of beef ribs and potato. I only had a sip of the soup to try. Beside the sweetness, it was the overpower beef taste/smell which I can't tolerate.

We also had a big pot of Korean style curry chicken? No idea what's its called on the menu but all of us felt it taste very similar to Singapore/Malaysia curry chicken but less spicy and with mushrooms, spring onions but without coconut. The chicken was very tender and falls off the bone.

Every single dish except pancake contains Korean noodle,hanja. Is it a must on stews?

It looks like a very popular dining place for the Korean. Although the place is small, it was fully packed when we left and with a queue outside the restaurant. Almost all table had a gas stove with a big pot of stew on the table and every customer had a bowl of rice in hand.

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