Wednesday, 7 September 2011

With or Without Soy

Shira Nui has being our top few favourite japanese restaurant especially for sushi and sashimi. We had introduced a few close friends including my parents whom all loved the food served.

Few weeks ago we made a booking for Omakase style sushi. Our 1st Omakase sushi experience had being very memorable. Both missed it terribly.

Did notice changed in crew, new sou chef working side by side with the head chef (should be the owner), a new waiting staff as well. Service was still friendly, fast and efficient.

To totally enjoyed the dining and not felt being hurried, we booked the 8pm sitting.

Complimentary deep fried fish served with pickle was served as a appetiser.  

We were the 1st couple to arrived and start but the last to finish dining. In total each of us had 14 pairs + 1 sushi. That's a total of 58 pieces of sushi for 2 person. A lot? I actually ate the exact same amount as Mr. The amount of rice used on per sushi was very tiny, that was my excuse :p

All the comments below was made depending on my memory as no notes were taken. Apologised for not being able to recall every single pair.

Omakase Sushi- No 15Shiranui- Glen Waverley

Lightly pan-fried Salmon seasoned with Shichimi tagarashi sushi . One side is "cooked" and the other totally raw.

Lightly blowtorched Mackerel with minced ginger. A bit fishy but the ginger helped.


Beef sushi never failed to satisfy my taste bud. One of Daddy's favourite!

Fatty tuna belly which is full of GOOD OIL.


As the chef served the sushi, he will informed the diners to have it with soy or without. Guess it's still up to individual whether to follow or not.

Fresh and creamy Uni sushi. Was told the uni was from Tasmania.

Some white fish (kingfish?) which was pre-marinated.

Grilled Oyster with Japanese Mayo. Would prefer it with less mayo but I still enjoyed it.

Tuna with slightly spicy chilli sauce. Interesting taste.

Tuna tartare. We were lucky to be the only couple who tried it.

Lightly blowtorched salmon belly.

Eel with Roe. Loved how the roe popped in my mouth.

Tuna mixed with Uni and blowtorched. Creamy, fatty with a unique taste.

Complimentary fruitty sobet for palate cleansing

Comparing the photos taken previously, there's a slight change in menu. Guess different fish in season during different months. Different ingredients available daily. That's a good sign meaning chef do take into consideration what's the best available.

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