Sunday, 31 May 2009

CL's Birthday Feast

At 530pm on CL's birthday, "I want to eat Japanese food" was what he said once he got home from Uni. He made the call to Shira Nui and got us 2 counter seats for 6pm seating. Honestly, I didn't expect to have any available seats for us at all. Shira Nui is always full and has to make booking at least weeks before.

CL requested to try their omakase menu since we always go for À la carte and had a good reason to pamper ourselves. :)

Chefs busy at work behind the counter.

We managed to shot all the delicious sushi before popping them into the mouth. Chef even asked why we like to take photos of the food. It's to remind myself what I had eaten/tried.

Chef brief us on every pair of nigirizushi when served and told us to have it with soy or no soy. We had so many that I don't exactly remember what each nigirizushi is exactly made of. I just have to let the photos to do all the talking. :)

1st pair of nigirizushi

2nd pair of nigirizushi was Salmon seasoned with shichimi togarashi and pan fried. 5th pair of nigirizushi was oyster grilled with mayo. Both pictures can be seen on my previous entry.

**OMG.....while going though my old entries, found out that the 1st time we ate at Shira Nui was last year during CL's birthday.

3rd pair of nigirizushi.

4th pair of nigirizushi was grilled beef. Picture can be seen on my previous entry too.

6th pair of nigirizushi was Ark Clam.

7th pair of nigirizushi was tempura lady finger stuffed with crab meat. It was really different.

8th pair of nigirizushi was tuna lightly pan fried on the surface.

9th pair of nigirizushi was white fish belly marinated in some sauce.

10th pair of nigirizushi was grilled scallop.

Up to this point, only me, CL and another customer were still going. The rest already surrendered and ordered dessert.

This was a complimentary nigirizushi from the chef. They constantly tried new idea, new combination and seek reviews from the customers. This nigirizushi is made up from white fish, bacon and plum sauce. I find the bacon taste was too strong and covered/hidden all the rest of the taste.

11th pair of nigirizushi. White fish torched with miso.

12th pair of nigirizushi was tuna with special sauce. Special sauce made up of avocado, spicy chilli sauce and miso.

13th pair of nigirizushi was salmon belly torched with salmon roe.

Can you believe at this point, we can actually eat more! The chefs were pretty shock especially after 10 pairs of nigirizushi, we still requested for more. HAHAHA. But we had to stop after number 13th as it was already 8pm and that when their 2nd seating for the evening start.

It was a really good experience for both of us. We both enjoyed the meal a lot! Sitting at the counter, watching 3 chefs busying making sushi, slicing sashimi etc. Totally no idea what nigirizushi we will be served.

Hmmm.....when will be my next trip?? On my birthday???

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