Tuesday, 14 December 2010

X'mas Gift- Bake A Difference

Host by Penny 
Organise by CSR
All donations goes to Mission Australia

After all the baking, slicing and dipping, it's time to pack and share it with all the lovely friends around us. I popped into the local $2 shop and manage to grab a roll of cellophane and few rolls of beautiful, Xmas theme ribbons. I would love to pop into the op shops and try find some jars/container/plates/bowls but due to my poor time management, I just got to make do with what I have on hand. Hopefully next year I will get my head around it earlier.

1st, I make cellophane bag using the cellophane sheet and some sticky tapes.
Pop in some biscotti and seal it with ribbon.

Next, I cut the big sheet of cellophane into big square shape. Layer the cookies into a cone shape and place in the the middle of the square shaped cellophane. Gather and secure all the edges using ribbon.

All the biscuits are all ready to be deliver.

I would have got around baking more if I got more time and also manage to figure out how to get them deliver fast. I always believe it taste the best when it's fresh.

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