Monday, 23 March 2009

BBQ Chicken - Nando's Style

CL had craving for Nando's style bbq chicken after I had shared with him my Nando's takeaway lunch few days ago. He suggested to marinate some chicken and popped them onto the barbie for dinner. It sound good to me, nice, simple and easy.

I already had a whole chicken in my freezer. I dropped by Coles, get some Nando's Peri Peri marinate sauce and saw some cheap but still fresh cabbage. Therefore decided to make some coleslaw as salad. Also grabbed 2 corns to put on the barbie.

It didn't take CL long to start the fire this time. Kinda of experience now. :)

I chopped the chicken into half to speed up the cooking process and have more "burn" parts to eat. I also popped in a sweet potato for lunch the next day.

Dinner for the night. CL definitely didn't had enough to eat as it was too delicious. The corn was cooked just right. It was juicy and sweet without any burned at all!

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