Monday, 23 March 2009

Almond Biscotti

Almond Biscotti, it was my 1st time baking them.

  1. CL was scheduled to work night again and I had all the free time during the day.
  2. I haven't bake for a long time.
  3. CL's and his colleagues can have fresh biscotti to snack through the night.
  4. This recipe I came upon doesn't require any butter nor oil. Or all biscotti's recipes doesn't include butter or oil?
  5. It looks really simple and easy to make.

With some many excuses to try baking, why not? Don't think I need more excuse.

I tried taking more photos as I bake/cook now. I'm still not very good at it and kept forgetting. I'm still trying my best.

After the 1st bake, slicing them and laying flat on the tray preparing for 2nd bake.

Two trays of biscotti in the oven during final bake.

End result

  1. It was too hard. The dough was too wet and hard to moulded into shape so I added more flour. I must had gone a bit too far.
  2. The sweetness was just right.
  3. CL's colleague suggested to slice them thinner.

Overall the review I received was pretty good. I was very surprised CL's colleagues finished everything (he was feeling hungry at around 5am and wanted some biscotti but found an empty container instead). I thought it will all goes into the bin because it was too hard. But it was actually pretty nice to munch on bit by bit. Even my colleagues gave pretty positive remarks. I will definitely try it again.

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