Sunday, 21 September 2008

Mi Jian Kueh

The title "Mi Jian Kueh" say it all. Came upon a very simple Mi Jian Kueh recipe + I have all the ingredients + I'm getting hungry + huge craving. So decided to mix all ingredients together and I tried making them yesterday afternoon. I had craving for them so some time and I haven't had any luck finding them in Melbourne. It's one of my favourite snack!!!

I won't rate the Mi Jian Kueh nice but it still pass my expectation....guess my expectation was pretty low as I the last time I had it was a year ago.....CL much worst than me, 3 years for him! Should have grounded the peanuts more finely. But I will definitly try other recipes again till I find something I like.

This recipe didn't call for yeast and no waiting time required. I sucks in any food that need yeast. Don't ask me why. Dinner menu for tonight is Pizza and I had made the dough but I don't think it's really rising much. Another yeast failure??? I seriously should consider attending a bread making course before attempting again.

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