Sunday, 27 July 2008

Cold Lonely Night

I'm TIRED!!!! It's starting of a new week tomorrow and I'm TIRED!!! Seriously I don't think my brain had any rest during the weekend. I don't feel fully recharge at all!!! It's COLD, I'm ALONE, my back is ACHING! I'm sort of got use to him working night(a lot of personal free time) but at this moment I HATE it! :(

I haven't being doing much either this for the past 2 days. Spend more than 2 hours sitting in front of the TV and finish knitting a scarf (2nd project, finally!!!!) last night. Sorry can't show you the final product as it's a birthday gift. Promise to post it after the birthday gal receive it ok? Yes, I started knitting again. So far knitted a scarf for mummy as mother's day present. Now considering should I try knitting a beannie or a rug.

Just finish spending 5 hours(3.5 hrs in the afternoon and rest after dinner) on work at home. Suppose to go back to the office to work but wasn't feeling well + it's so cold out there. Seriously can't bother to dress up and travel 20mins to office. Being spending a few hours on work for the past 2 weekends. It's definitly not a nice way to spend the weekend but what to do when I have a tight schedule. Hope I won't have to repeat the same thing next weekend as Eizac will be in Melbourne.

CL requested me to make some curry puffs this afternoon but I couldn't. Didn't have enough time + I'm TIRED! But I did bake a cake for him to share with his colleagues. I know I'm complaining that I'm TIRED but I still can bake! Baking to me is a form of destress. I haven't been in this stress level for at least a year. I didn't realise I'm stress till last week CL asked when he notice the toilet floor is full of my hair! Opps got side track.

The cake I baked was suppose to be a Zebra Cake as the pattern is like a zebra stripe (circular of black and white). But I TOTALLY FAIL! It turn out to be a marble cake. I spend almost 30mins alternate spooning plain and chocolate batter in the pan. TOTALLY WASTED! No idea what went wrong! Maybe I didn't let it sit and spread long enough before spooning the next batter? Or the chocolate batter is too thick?? Plus the cake explode! I spend 20mins more baking then what the receipe state. It is because of my oven??? Answer anyone?????

Sorry I didn't manage to take any picture after I sliced it as CL is running late.

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