Sunday, 2 March 2008

Any way to cook faster?

Another week gone by, start of another new month. IT'S SO FAST!!! What have I being doing to past 2 months??? What have I being doing the last 1 week??? I haven't even manage to post my Bright trip or even complete my Nov Fiji trip. OMG I'm so hopeless. I sucks at my time management.

I have being starting my day much earlier ever since 2 weeks ago. Woke up after 0700, left home for work after 0745, start work after 0815, knock off after 1645, either gym or head home to prepare dinner, have dinner, squeeze in a bit of housework, shower and call it a day early. That's how I have being spending my day. Efficient? Hmmm I seriously no idea. I haven't being able to squeeze in any time to blog or watch much TV.

Maybe I should start spending less time in the kitchen to prepare dinner. Being cooking meals for the past 2 years but speed in preparation is still the same. *SIGH* Why can I chop and cook at the same time???

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