Tuesday, 25 December 2007

BULA (Part 5)

Finally!!! I upgraded my account with Flickr after constant nagging from Hubby(told me to update my blog). I was complaining that I'm kinda of bored. I haven't being doing much today except doing some expired laundry + watch Grey Anatomy Season 3. Can't spend time in the gym as it's close for X'mas + Boxing Day. I'm having the whole week off from work and starting to feel lose. Hopefully it will be better tomorrow as Hubby is bringing me shopping!!!! He is knocking off at 0730 and planning to go straight to the city with me after shower. Seriously I have no idea are we going as he planned. But that's what he promised. He says to avoid the crowd. Myer is opening at 0700 and David Jones at 0800 and all major shopping center starting at 0900. OH NO!!! Seem like my pocket (or should I say hubby's pocket) is going to burn a BIG HOLE.

Continuing the diving we did on the 4th Day of our Fiji trip.

Day 4 12-11-2007

We set off for the finally dive once we had out lunch + grab new tanks for our dives. Weather wasn't that great by the time we reach the dive spot. It was cloudy + water a bit choppy. There is also a slight current.

We just gear up immediatly and start out dive. This time 2 Beqa crews(Rusi & Petero) + 4 leisure divers. As for the dive, it is SOFT CORAL + WRECK.

Rusi was with Maria as she is taking her time to do her photography. Petero led the 3 of us for the entire dive.

For the first few minutes, we dive around the soft coral.

X'mas Tree

There is a bit of current and I can feel it as I have to use more energy and kick harder to go against the current. I was getting a bit tired. Guess that because it is already the 3rd dive for the day + I haven't being exercising much for the past year.

When we reach the Wreck, I was stunned! I actually did pause and stop breathing for a min! The visibility was great and I'm able to see the HUGE wreck in front of me!! + I wasn't being blocked as there are only 4 of us! I love diving in small group...hehe

The Wreck

Me and the Wreck

On our way back to the soft coral after viewing the wreck, we saw a small school of Barracuda. They are swimming in circle and it was my 1st time seeing a school of Barracuda.

We dive a round the soft coral till we were out of air. It's a pretty relaxing dive. Not as intense as the 1st 2 dives but I actually like it. :)


Hubby with Beqa Crews and Lesisure Divers
The World Famous Shark Feeder Rusi and Me.
On the way back to Beqa Head Office.


The Gals: said...

the wreck looked creepy...reminds me of some horror movie.. =P
i saw you state in one of pic a "x'mas tree" coral??
Isn't barracuda a meat eating fish? aren't you afraid when they come?

cltyw said...

it does! tat's why i froze when i first saw it. but i like it.
it is call x'mas tree....if u try to touch it, it will actually hid inside their "house"
yes, barracuda does bite human. as long they are not alone, you are save. they attack man when they are alone.