Monday, 1 October 2007

Off Day

If there isn't any program during the weekend, I will tend to spend most of my time in the kitchen. Trying out new recipes or cooking something special which need a bit more time to prepare. But this weekend is very unusual.

We had our weekly marketing done at Victoria Market early morning on Saturday. We decided to pamper ourselves and went to Lygon Street for Aussie Big Breakfast + Coffee! It was really delicious and the coffee was fantastic. Sorry, we didn't take any photos. I have to start constantly remind myself to capture some pictures before all the food get into our tummy. J

At 4pm, we (only me, hubby and Robyn...a colleague of mine) started our bbq while watch the AFL Grand Final (CATS WON!!!!!!!). I prepared quite a lot of food....prawn, oyster, chicken satay, salmon cutlet, steak, lamb chops and corns. We are pretty ambitious but we did a good job by finishing all the food. J We even went for a movie after that. As we drove out from my apartment, the firework started. We even manage to finish watching the whole firework display before catching the movie. I LOVE FIREWORKS!

Hubby and I slept in on Sun. We had banana bread for breakfast before going to Prahran. I found this Japanese store in Prahran and hoping to get some sashimi cut salmon/tuna for dinner that night. I was really disappointed to find out that the shop operating days are Tue-Sat when we got there. Loiter around Chapel Street before deciding to have fish and chips at Hooked. I had Fish Burger with chips while hubby had Fish with Tempura. The fish, hand cut chips and tempuras are all so fresh!! I will definitely check it out again. Btw, it allows BYO and free corkage and its open daily.

As for dinner, I was feeling lazy so hubby decided to give me an OFF DAY! J We went restaurants along Victoria Street and bought lots of food. This time round, I did remember to take some pictures before we start eating...hehe

Our dinner.....different food from 3 different restaurants

Hong Sau Tofu.....hubby favourite currently. he can stop dreaming of their tofu. Making us wonder what exactly is use to cook their tofu.

Crispy Chicken Spare Ribs coated with Salted Egg Yolk from Pacific House. I have not seem any other restaurant that serve this dish. Friends who we recommanded this dish felt in love with it too. Must try!

Pork Spare Ribs in Peaking Sauce

Prawn Spring Roll. Totally different taste when eat with fresh basil and lettuces.

Don't worry, we didn't manage to finish all the food in 1 meal. It wasn't meant to be. We also had it for the next day lunch and dinner.


The Gals: said...

Chicken Spare Ribs?? sure?
The prawn spring roll with basil & lettuces sound like vietnam style, m I rite? BTW, I am Jasmine. Ur buddy. Incase you don't recognise my nick here. I created this nick for Pebble & Yuki. They have a blog too. Hahahaa...I am so buy creating theirs..mine went down..haha

cltyw said...

It is Chicken Spare Ribs....I can buy it fresh from the market but I still can't figure which part of the chicken it is. Taste better than chicken wings when you deep fry it.
Yup the spring roll is vietnam style....we bought it from a vietnam restaurant. There are whole stretch of viet restaurant in front of my place. I have not try all though.
I was trying very hard to think who will go by the nick name the gals!