Friday, 28 September 2007

2 Hours in Kitchen

What have you been doing in the kitchen for the past 2 hours? This is the 1st question hubby asked when we woke up from his beauty sleep.

The ANSWER !!!!

Chicken Rice for dinner. 1st time cooking it. Taste alright but there is room for impovement, I have to start thinking how can I make it taste better.....what should I add???

Banana Bread for breakfast or tea for the next few days. Recipe from the book Bread Bible which I borrowed from Lynn. Looks very appealing but the book says I have to fridge it at least overnight and up to 5 days before serving. I can't wait for so long especially the whole house smell like banana!!!! Most probably I will cut a slice and try it before fridge, in that way I can compare what is the different eating straight and keeping in the fridge 1st.

Is my hubby a LUCKY man or what for having such a life-time chef? hahaha


The Gals: said...

the banana bread looks nice! how did it turn out? Does CL likes it?
so envy i wish I'll get to bake & bake again...

cltyw said...

it is really nice!!! soft and if you give it a toast, a great warm breakfast during winter. He likes it and had more than usual. :)
Envy me? you dun need to....I'm not a mum yet + I have a lot of spare time now, so I tend to find stuff to do instead of being a couch potato during the wkend...hehe