Sunday, 28 October 2007

Shoya Restaurant

We didn't manage to wake up for morning walk again. So it's evening walk again yesteday. This time round we walk to the city instead coz my dear hubby wanted to buy XBox 360 game. He is finishing his assignment and end of his schooling sememster very soon. He is all prepared to start on his new assignment which is finish his newly bought XBox 360 Blue Dragon game.

As we walk towards Treasury Garden, we saw about 6 newly married couples taking photos. Hubby said Treasury Garden is a popular for wedding. That is also one of the reason he chose Treasury Garden to held our wedding. But we were the only couple holding our wedding ceremony that day. :)

We came upon a lot more as we walk pass Parliment Building, there are about 5 brides taking photos. I had began to lose count of how many brides I saw within 5 minutes! Plus another 2 more brides along Collins Street. Hmmm...I think I saw about 10 brides and majority in tubes dress. What so special about yesterday other than the weather is teriffic?

On our way home after popping into JB Hifi for Hubby's games, hubby suddenly suggest to have dinner in the city, He feels that we should call for a celebration on his promotion. I like the idea coz it mean I don't need to cook..hehe.

Hubby wanted to have Japanese food again as he didn't have an enjoyable one the previous time. I did came up with a few restaurant but as it's Saturday evening plus no booking, we might have a hard time getting a table for 2. So we decided to pop into one of the Japanese Restaurant in Chinatown, make a reservation and return home to freshen up.

Totally change of plan when we passby Shoya. We went to have a look at their menu and was impressed that the manager actually take the effort to come out and show us another menu of their plus answer some of our questions. the restaurant was still close at that time! It wasn't due to open for another 45mins.

We in our sloppy track suits + sport shoes turn up in front of Shoya at 6p.m. sharp. We were too lazy to go home and back into the city again within an hour. That also mean I didn't have my camera with me! I will have to rely on Hubby's Nokia Hp again. *sigh*

1st was the complimentary dish from Shoya. It is a piece of fried fish with some onions and carrot.

Complimentary Fried Fish

Next was Unagi which was on the special menu. It was recommanded by us from the manager. He said it's a very popular dish. Hubby decided to give it a try.

Unagi Special

I ordered a glass of Shochu. It's not Saka. I haven't seem it other restaurant menu before. I was very curious so I gave it a try. The drink I had was called Jougo which was made from Raw sugar. It is describe as "Mild but not as sweet as imagined. Satisfactory smoothness. " It's very special and I like the after taste. It's a very smooth drink. Someone who doesn't drink + hate liquor even tried it and had 2 slip!

Tempura was the next dish. It's rather disappointing. It wasn't as nice as we expected. The Tempura serve at Kenzan is better(smell + taste) than this. Score decrease from here.

Tempura Moriawase

I love Tofu Steak plus I miss the Tofu Steak which Eizac recommanded when I was in Sydney. So I ordered the Bean curd steak topped with Japanese mushrooms and special gravy.We love the gravy.

Tofu Steak

We definitely order Sushi and Sashimi when we having a meal in a Japanese restaurant. This time round, no different too. But the sushi and sashimi was a bit dissappointing too *sob*. Sushi were small. Sashimi were small too. *sob sob*.

Sushi Sashimi Moriawase

Finally a dish which bring the score up! The Wagyu Steak! The steak was so tender than I don't even have to cut it. The beef melts in your mouth and hubby loves the after taste. I had read about Wagyu beef but It's our 1st time trying and we are falling in love with it. It's stated that their Wagyu beef has been grain fed for 500 days at the contracted farm in Australia using Japanese method. Is that the case why it taste so good and so expensive???

Wagyu Steak

Lastly we end our dinner with Dessert. We don't usually have dessert as we are always too full by then. This time, we make sure we have room for dessert coz we knew what we want to try even before ordering the main dishes.

I had Pan-fried Japanese dumpling with red beans wrapped with thin and sweet flour skin.

Yaki Daifuku

Hubby had Sea Urchin CheeseCake. Something special. Its nice but it doesnt seem to have the taste of Sea Urchin. The cheesecake is not the spongy type.

Sea Urchin CheeseCake

Both of us love our dessert. Overall, we enjoy the Dessert + Steak the most.

We will return to try their Smokeless BBQ "Yakiniku". Seem to be very popular and one of the major ingredient is 500 days grain fed Wagyu beef!!!!

When will be my next makan trip back???

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