Sunday, 28 October 2007

Hubby with his TOYS + Request

Today is the 1st day of daylight saving. Since weather was really great yesterday, we planned to go to the St Kilda Beach in the morning. We were waken up by the sound cause by the strong winds in the early morning. Hubby decided to leave me to sleep as he know it is impossible to head to the beach which he wake up and finish his assignment.

By the time I woke up, Hubby is already in front of the TV with his TOYS. He is totally hooked on them once he started playing yesterday. *shake head* Starting to wonder did I make a wrong move by allowing him to buy. During school days, he is busy juggling working 3 days a week, 12 hours per shift + studying. During vacation, he will be busy playing with his toys + working extra. *Sigh* He is starting his 1 MONTH annual leave on the 5th Nov and I'm beginning to wonder how much time set aside for me? Hmmmm.....

He is spending time again with his toy as I'm tying this entry. Straight to his games once we got home after dinner with Fiona(next entry).

Hubby and his XBox 360

Hubby's latest game collection, Blue Dragon.

Hubby requested me to bake cookies since I was free in the afternoon. He ordered Chocolate Chips Cookie and also asked me to half the ingredients quantity stated in the recipe. He doesn't want to be stuff with cookies.

After about an hour in the kitchen, we had a pot of tea with some cookies for afternoon tea. Hubby likes the cookies as they are very crispy. He prefer crispy cookie than chewy onces. End result I had less than 25 cookies. Don't think Hubby will have any problem finishing them. :)

Chocolate Chips Cookies

Btw, when I was sorting out the photos. I found out I also baked a tray of cookies exactly one year ago.

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