Monday, 24 September 2007

A Little About Me

Nov 1979 - Born in Alexander Hospital...Youngest in the family

Dec 1991 - Graduated from Xinghua Primary School

Dec 1995 - Graduated from Serangoon Garden Technical Secondary School which no longer exist

Jun 1999 - Graduated with Electronic, Computer and Communication Diploma from NYP

Aug 1999 - Joined Everett Charles Technology as Engineering Assistant

Feb 2001 - Left ECT and flew to Australia Sydney.Started Electrical Engineering Degree Course in University of New South Wales

Dec 2002 - Graduated and return to Singapore

Apr 2002 - Joined A-Control Pte Ltd as SCADA Engineer

Jun 2005 - Married in Melbourne, Australia after 5 years relationship (was having on and off long distant relationship for 0.5 + 0.5 + 1 = 2yrs....chee that's tough!)

Mar 2006 - Left A-Control Apr 2006 - This is when I really start my married life! Left Singapore and became a full time housewife in Melbourne for less than 2 months before I joined TechEng as a Project Engineer

Hmmm.....seem like I have a boring 28yrs life. Or having a 2yrs oversea education and away from home and now liveing oversea is somthing exciting? Or having a wedding in Melbourne without any family members other than 8 friends consider something different?

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