Monday, 21 November 2011

Red Wine Chocolate Cake, Rotweinkuchen

Chocolate and red wine, combining both my favourite sinful snack and alcohol together I know it will be silly of me to give this a miss when I saw it on Sarah's blog few weeks ago!

iPad with Sarah's recipe on the benchtop.

As my birthday falls on a Saturday and I decided to bring in a cake on Friday to share with my lovely colleagues. I bet they won't say no to a slice of red wine chocolate cake for morning tea. It's also a good chance to start the "rule" back in the office. The birthday gal or boy has to bring a cake to work for morning tea. But we kind of stopped after shifted to the new office location. Felt it's a good excuse to allow all of us to mingle around and chit chat.


Before I left to attend my weekly exercise session, I had all ingredients measured and laid on the beach top to bring down to room temperature. I did tweak the recipe slightly as I didn't have any vanilla sugar in the pantry. I never buy them therefore I substituted with vanilla extract.


Cake mixture in my newly bought bundt cake tin. It only cost me $20 from Wheel and Barrow at Doncaster Westfield. Just found out from the website that it cost double the price. Definitely a steal.


It was my 1st time using a bundt tin and was afraid I will have problem getting the cake out after baked. So I greased the tin with butter and coco powder instead of flour. White flour don't match with chocolate cake. That also explain the different colour tone on the cake surface. I was very glad that I didn't go lazy on that step because the cake just popped out straight as I over turn the cake tin.


I went all the way and glazed the cake. But I sucks at glazing :(
I didn't add enough icing sugar to the glaze, the mixture was too thin. Glaze just flow thru the cake and dripped onto the plate below. In the end, I kept scooping the glaze from the plate and spread across the cake trying to cover every single area.


Cross section of the cake. Can't really see the glaze. But it definitely didn't spoilt the taste and texture of the cake. Everybody loves it! Some just felt in love when I told them it's a red wine chocolate cake without even tasting it. M loved the crust of the surface, not sure what cause the slightly crunchy crust. The cake tin or glaze or combination of both? Some commented how moist the cake was.

This is definitely a keeper and a winner!!!

Some of my colleagues are already scratching their head what to bring on their coming birthday....hehe


Sarah said...

Glad you liked the cake! It's one of my favourites too. And it looks so cool seeing my blog on your iPad, hehe!

cltyw said...

Colleagues are requesting for the recipe as well! I will definitely bake it for my Daddy on his next trip down under.