Sunday, 6 November 2011

Dead Man Espresso

It had being a few hectic weeks since we got back from our long vacation, getting back into the routine. It wasn't hard to be back to work mood as both of us were flooded with job to be done. We didn't even managed to get our 1st weekend off to catch up with Melbourne breakfast and most importantly coffee which we missed so much! Mr. shift was scheduled on the weekend while I was allocated to help out in another project as my colleague was away.

But we did manage to check out Dead Man Espresso the week after :)

Planned was to meet up with R and L for breakky, catch up with all the gossip and envy them with our vacation stories. I had a few cafes in mind but I left R to chose. The breakky menu attracted R. To avoid the crowd and as R was required to work that night, early breakky was decided.

Dead Man Espresso at 9am on Saturday morning. 

Soy cappuccino + cafe menu

Mr. normal cappuccino

The coffee was alright. Felt it was a bit too milky but pretty good considering we haven't had any decent coffee for almost 8 weeks! L had a chai latte to start with but felt it was a bit too weak.

Rosti - herb and potato rosti with poached egg, avocado and smoked salmon (choice of between salmon or bacon)

It wasn't easy to decide what to order. I want almost everything listed in the menu. Finally decided on rosti. Rosti was crunchy and full of herb but sadly too salty for my liking.

BLT - pork belly and spinach puree on brioche with gazpacho

Mr. BLT was very fatty, rich but very nice! Pork belly was soft with lots of fats. There goes dieting.

Looking back at the picture, realised the serving wasn't big. I could easily fit in another toast. But all 4 of us liked what was ordered and served.

p.s photos were taken using my iphone4. I totally forgot about my point to shoot camera.

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