Saturday, 27 August 2011

A Awful Breakfast Experience to start the Vacation

Seated near Gate 16 while waiting to board A380 to start of my vacation. Decided it was a good time to write about the horrible breakfast we just had at Café Vue.

Mr. had checked their opening hours a few days before to make sure we were able to had our daily dose of caffeine before we were up in the air. As many know, there wasn’t much choice in Melbourne Airport. Café Vue might be the best choice as they served breakfast as well.

“Café Vue” was lighted in pink neon light; all passengers proceeding to the individual gates will not miss it. There were only 2 staffs when we walked in at 0715. A waitress on the floor and a male barista. Not a good sign as the crowd was starting to build.






I was in the mid of walking up to the counter to make my order when I saw the menu and grabbed two. The waitress did manage to get around taking our order with an expressionless face.

Mr. ordered an Atlantic Egg Benedict while I chosen Corn Fritter with 2 coffees and a glass of juice.

Both breakfast were served together followed by our coffee. I wasn’t impressed with the corn fritter on 1st look. It looked like hash brown with very crispy skin and overdone. We also noticed both plates were stained, oil and water marks all over the plates.



When Mr. cut into his poached eggs, both yolks were way overdone! The buns were cold. His coffee was not even lukewarm and it tasted horrible! He says the coffee was way worst than what it’s served in hospital (worst than hospital food). He only had 1 sip and pushed it aside.


The avocado that came with the corn fritter was too sour. I can taste a bit of herb in the corn fritter (fennel/cumin) but I can’t taste the sweetness of the corn. Fitter was very crispy but also dry and oily. Did the chef deep-fried the corn fritter as a to re-heat? My soy cappuccino was so-so and with a ugly presentation. 


The best out of all was in fact the freshly squeezed orange juice. What a great way to start a long day ahead of us.

I’ll be catching a few flights during this vacation; writing might be the best method to pass time also to pen down this vacation experience.

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