Saturday, 11 June 2011

Rockpool Revisit

Our virgin dining experience at Rockpool happened 2 years ago and was lovely which I never get around to write about it. My folks were in town a month before my Big 3 and I decided to celebrate it early by bringing them to Rockpool. Daddy who don't usually eat steak enjoy it so much and Mr. just fell in love with David Blackmore full blood wagyu.

3 weeks ago, we celebrated Mr. birthday at Rockpool and he finally got his hand on his favourite steak. This dinner was planned and reservation made months ago. All 3 of us being looking forward to it for the whole week. We even started studying the menu online.




We started the dinner with Sourdough Bread which I love. Love it even more when it's serve warm. I could easily eat a few more slices but got to leave more space for all the good food coming up.

Since there were 3 of us, we ordered 3 Entrees. 1 Pasta, 1 Cold Bar and 1 Hot Starter.

Pasta : Hand Cut Linguini with Spanner Crab and Spicy Prawn Oil
Slightly sour, strong aromatic from kaffir lime leaves, fresh spanner crab, al dente linguini. How do you not able to fall in love with this pasta dish?

Cold Bar : Crudo of Hiramasa Kingfish, Ocean Trout, Blue Fin Tune and Coorong Yellow Eyed Mullet with Horseradish, Coriander, Lime and Lemon Flavoured Oil
Fresh, Fresh, Fresh.

Hot Starter : Wood Fire Grilled Quail with Smoked Tomatoes and Black Olives
The quail was very nicely cooked. I was surprised how juicy it was when I cut into it.

For the main, we had 3 different steaks. Mishima, Ranger Valley Dry Aged and David Blackmore Full Blood Wagyu.


They were very attentive. The kitchen had all the 3 steaks pre-cut before serving to us as they knew we will be  The steak was also served in a very hot plate. All 3 different cuts, 3 different breeds, same cooking method and 3 different taste. Having all side by side helps identifying which 1 we prefer. All melts in the mouth!


We also ordered an additional main after our entree as we felt we could take in more. We chosen Spicy Mussels and Saffron Stew with Wood Fire Grilled Seafood and Aioli.

Seafood were fresh, not overpowering saffron. Serving with toast enable us to soak up the stew and enjoy it without missing a single drop.

Couldn't resist ordering Onion Rings for side. OMG it's the best onion ring I have so far! Even though it was deep fried, it wasn't oily. It was very fluffy, crunchy and crispy on the outside. Rockpool onion rings win Maze onion rings hand down!!

After dinner, it's dessert time!!! Mr. had coffee while the two gals had tea.

Love the tea set especially the tea cup. It's double layered.

DSC05396 We were also served caramel popcorn.

We had 2 desserts to share. Creme Caramel and Passionfruit Pavlova. Surprisingly all 3 of us enjoyed the Passionfruit Pavlova more than Creme Caramel. Pavlova was light and fluffy. Both desserts were massive and we couldn't finish it at all.



It was a lovely night catching up with fantastic food. But service was a bit let down. It was my 1st time being served by an asian in a fine dining restaurant. I'm not being racist as I'm an asian myself. But throughout the whole dining, can't helped being felt she was rushing us to finish the meal and leave. She spoke so fast that all of us can't even get what's the special for the day. When we asked for a glass of hot water after dessert, can't helped but felt she's irritated by the way she answered us. Previously dining service was definitely a lot more professional.

Would I return, oh yes! Maybe next year on Mr. birthday?

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