Thursday, 31 March 2011

Cacao Macarons


Even since falling in love with LuxBite's macarons, I also started buying non LuxBite's macarons when I come across to give it a try.

Mr. and me were at Doncaster Westfield few days ago and saw Cacao store which not only sell chocolates but also macarons. We bought 4 in a box and took it home. It happen we had a few LuxBite's macaron which were bought on weekend. So we decided to have them together to have a comparison. But we only managed to get thru 1 each.


On the left is LuxBite Salted Caramel and on the right is Cacao Salty Caramel.

We were pretty impressed by Cacao's macaron shell. It was crunchy on the outside and chewy on the inside. But the filling was disappointing, the name says it all. It should be salty but I didn't taste any salt in the filling nor the shell at all. Did the chef forgot about it? The caramel do taste creamy. A lot more buttery when compared to LuxBite, I can even smell the butter! Definitely like LuxBite Salted Caramel more than Cacao reason being LuxBite is saltish enough, not too much nor less. Mr. likes Cacao shell as the sugar bring in a bit of crunch when you bite into it.

The other 3 flavours which we got at Cocao were Mint, Passionfruit and Hazelnut Praline.


Mint shell was pretty and shiny as it was sprinkled with sparkling powder to beautify it. The filling was actually white chocolate infused with mint? It smelled and tasted like spearmint but chocolate and mint didn't blend together. On the 1st bite, I taste the mint and follow by the white chocolate. Taste was totally independent of each other. Towards the end, it was just too sweet for me to handle. Can macaron be too sweet? I know it's suppose to be sweet especially it's made up of so much icing sugar but this is the 1st time I felt it sugar overloaded just by having 1 macaron.


The colour of Passionfruit macaron shell was nice as well. Not too bright but it does looks like a ripe mango rather than a passionfruit pulp. As for the filling, it was chocolate with passionfruit taste. This flavour didn't work for me at all! Can't really taste the passionfruit nor really smell it. :-(

I had both the Mint and Passionfruit flavour while Mr. had the Hazelnut Praline. I was still at work when he had it. Therefore I can't really write much but he did say it was pretty good.

Hunt for macaron continue.......


chopinandmysaucepan said...

I'm not a macarron lover but this is the first time I've seen multi-coloured ones!

cltyw said...

think extra steps needs to be taken to make multi colour ones