Friday, 25 February 2011

Cookbook Challenge (Rice/Noodles) - Chicken Briyani

3rd Cookbook Challenge theme is rice or noodle. I kept pestering Mr. to pick a recipe from the pile of cookbooks I owned. In then end, he chosen a dish which I had cooked and even wrote before. Does it still considered a challenge??

This time, I did follow the recipe pretty strictly. Included all the herbs even though knowing Mr don't like them. I did went through the end product and try picking all the herbs out.

As usual, I didn't use any tomato puree. I used a lot more tomatoes instead.

I didn't colour the rice and still wondering why the rice turned out brown.

Maybe because the shallots were burned?

Every time I cook, I spend ages in preparation. Just like baking, I like to wash all the ingredients and chopped them up, placed them into individual bowl/plate, placed them all next to the stove before turning on the heat. Totally opposite from Mr.

This time I managed to shot more photos during the cooking process.

Frying ginger, garlic and chillies. I added red chillies this time to more it more spicy.

Waiting for the tomatoes to break down. It did take a while.

With the chicken pieces added in.

I did have it in on the stove for a while to thicken the gravy. Knowing Mr. loves the gravy, I did increased the liquid ingredients amount.

Frying ginger and garlic for the rice.

Added in the pre-prepared shallots.

With all the herbs and rice without liquid

Liquid added in. I cooked the rice on the stove instead of rice cooker. I had never done that before. No idea what trigger me to give it a try. Lucky it turned out fine.



Queenotisblue said...

Better late than never! And that looks delicious. I love Biryani but have never made it. Your recipe looks great, full of delicious spices.

cltyw said...

Thanks! Give it a go!! I believe you will love it.