Sunday, 13 December 2009

Simply Spanish

During my parent's visit, we bought them around for international food cuisine : italian, thai, indian, vietnamese etc. The recent trip, we introduce them to Spanish food.

Simply Spanish at South Melbourne Market is the only place we being to for paella. I'm still hunting for other alternative to make a comparison. But at the meantime, we are enjoying the paella served here.

Simply Spanish served 2 types of paella. 1 is the big pan paella which they cook outside the store. We always have that, cost $10 for a box take away. They seem to be pretty popular as they have two big pans cooking at the same time. I even experience having to queue and wait as the demand was high. The other kind of paella is the small size seafood paella (enough for 2) which will take them 40mins to cook after ordering.

Since there are 4 of us and with time to spare, we ordered 1 serve of Big Pan Paella and another Seafood Paella all to share. Good chance to try taste what's the different between the two.

 Big Pan Paella

The Big Pan Paella was 1st up since they just finished cooking the 1st pan for the day. It has a mixture of mussels, squids, chicken pieces, chorizo etc. Dad and Mum enjoy the dish too :-)

While waiting, we also had Chickpeas with Spinach. The chickpea is cook with some spices. Can't really remember what spices but I like the dish. We also had some complimentary bread with olive oil.

As for drink, I tried their Spanish Coffee. It's very unique! I'm guessing the milk on the bottom of the glass is condensed milk. But the ration of milk : coffee is just right! It's not too sweet and the coffee is strong. At the end, we ordered another 2 glasses. 1 for CL and 1 for Mummy.

 Spanish Coffee

It didn't really seem that we waited very long for the Seafood Paella. Think because we being eating non-stop plus chatting. 

The Seafood Paella potion is huge. Definitely able to feed more than 2 people. The prawns are huge and fresh!!! The taste between the big pan and seafood is quite distinguish. Guessing because both are cook with different stock.

 Seafood Paella

Both paellas are winner to me. But if time permit, I will go for the Seafood Paella coz I love seafood more than meat.

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@yasminlennie said...

try de los santos in Brunswick st fitzroy. It has the best tapas (try the calamari and lamb ribs), sangria and the paella is so great!