Monday, 13 April 2009

Greek Shortbread Bicuits,Kourabiedes

Our very lovely greek neighbour, Irene baked these Kourabiedes for Easter and she gave us some.

The first time I tried them was during Christmas period when she baked over 500 of as gifts for her family, relatives and neighbours. She told me she do it every year but the amont decreases every year too as she's finding a bit hard to produce so many biscuits alone.

This Easter she baked a small amount for her family and we were offered some because we are her family too :)

They smell great! I only need to remove the cover and I can smell it immeditaely without bringing my nose close to it! It's crunchy coz of the nuts but also extremely sweet because it's covered with icing sugar. She told me it's also very fattening so can't have too much.

I had quite a few as CL finds them too sweet. I know I will be the only 1 eating them like the batch we had during Christmas. Therefore I bought the rest in to work the next day and shared with a few colleagues. They all enjoyed it a lot!

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