Friday, 23 January 2009

Should I / Shouldn't I ???

I just received an email from Borders. Attached with it is a 30% discount voucher with any purchase. I'm very tempted to make another purchase but I don't really have anything in mind. Recently came across this wedsite from a Melbourne food blogger which I love and I'm making use of it now! Hoping to find my next target. I also saw they are selling Jamie Magazine from the email but it cost $12+. That's pretty expensive isn't it? But I'm super tempted!!! Maybe I will buy his 1st copy and see whether do I like it.

Jamie cookbooks have being my bedtime story for the past few weeks. I personally owned 2 of his cookbooks Jamie's Dinner and Cook with Jamie. Both bought from Borders with discount vouchers, without it I find them too expensive. I'm a sucker for discount. I'm still trying to be more organise and try more of the recipes in the book. So far CL loves all the recipes I tried.

Last night I started Jamie's Italy which I borrowed from the Library last Saturday. Yes, I became a member of the local library beginning of the year. Getting the hang of it and hopefully I can save some $ from stopping to buy books and space. I still have a full box of story book lying around in the house coz my bookshelves got kidnapped!


Duncan | The Gastronomer's Bookshelf said...

Hey there. Very glad you found The Gastronomer's Bookshelf and have enjoyed it!

I'm a devotee of public libraries too... very useful for the cookbooks we don't need to have on our shelves permanently.

cltyw said...

*wave* Hello! Welcome...I hope you don't mind me tagging your bookself in my entry :)

Thanks for the bookshelf! It's really a good idea coz I get to know a lot more other chef/cook other than jamie oliver and Sarah actually introduce me to Nigella. I'm actually a fan of your blog too. I know nuts about other country food and style of cooking except my own 3 yrs ago. But thru all the food blogs, I get to expose a lot and more daring to try.

I'm actually interested to attend the coming food bloggers gathering but I'm going away. I hope I can join you and Sarah on the next.