Sunday, 21 September 2008

Pizza for Dinner

I better post the photos before I knock out for the day or before I start accumulating too much photos. As if I don't have enough back dated entries that I need to blog.

Tonight dinner menu was PIZZA.

The dough turn out pretty good although it didn't rise till twice it's size. Hmmm maybe because the yeast had expired for 2 weeks?

Got most of the ingredients from fortnightly marketing at Victoria Market yesterday morning. I cooked the tomatoes sauce yesterday just I was free.

Salmon and Mushroom Pizza
This is suppose to be Chicken instead of Salmon but I had forgotten to defrost any chicken. CL suggested to use canned salmon/tuna which we had in the pantry. It turn out really delicious. I should have leave it in the oven longer for a harder crust. Both of us prefer it hard than soft.

Ham & Pineapple Pizza
I left this in the oven for more than 30mins. The crust was hard and crunchy. CL finished 3/4 of this alone! I used fresh pineapple instead of canned. Fresh pineapple just taste different.

I better go now...getting late. I still wants to read a bit before I sleep.

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